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Most businesses regularly need a web developer for maintaining their website(s).  They do not need someone permanently working in the office. But the website will always need regular content updates and security patches.  For many businesses it’s once a month and for others it’s just once a year. It’s absolutely essential for a business to have a quality web developer at hand.

The problem for many small businesses is that the cost of hiring a local web developer is prohibitively expensive. With many freelancers in the market charging well over $150/hour it’s easy to see how costs can rack up.  Most businesses will have a fixed retainer with a web developer and this can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars per website.  

This is the gap that this business fills.  It acts as an outsourcing agency for web development services to small businesses who want to save money.

The main task of this business will be to identify and connect with businesses who need web development services and to find out how much they pay already for them.  You will then try to better this price/service. Many people will not be happy with their current arrangements and will be happy to explore cost saving changes.

You will spend a lot of time on project management and sales with this business.  It’s perfectly suited to someone creative with good people and management skills.   You don't need technical skills but an interest in the internet and a certain low-level of technical knowhow should be acquired in the first months of trading for sales purposes.  It is all easily learned. The web developers doing the actual coding are the ones who need the tech skills.

  • Customer emails and live chat
  • Advertising
  • Outsourcing work
  • Project management

After purchasing a business we will be in touch with the next steps as to how to proceed.

Typically we give you a list of tasks required in order to get the business ready to launch.  This may include simple steps for: Business Incorporation & Payment gateways.

Our experts will guide you at every step of the way.  It typically takes 4 weeks after purchase to launch a business.

Our Sell Back Guarantee is simple.  If you're not happy with your business after 12 months then we'll help you to sell it on to someone else using our website - for free. No catches.  No fees.  We'll keep trying to sell it for you until it's been sold.

The Sell Back Guarantee offers a safety net for everyone and a way to quickly and easily sell your business again.

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In addition to full and complete documentation for your business - we offer free support for all businesses we sell for a period of 12 months.  Our support team will be there ready to answer your questions about how to run your business in a successful way.

Our team of business experts specialize in helping people with:

  • Legal Business Setup/Incorporation
  • Growth Marketing
  • Website Management

After purchasing your business we'll be in touch on the next business day with instructions on what happens next as well as on how to contact support.


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