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The idea of running a web hosting may never have occurred to you but the market for web hosting can’t be ignored.  Not many people know this but if it wasn’t for Amazon’s web hosting services they wouldn’t be anywhere near as large as they are - since a lot of their profits come from cloud hosting and related services. Last year, Amazon’s AWS (their hosting arm) made 9% of the revenue of the company but 70% of the profits! Hosting is hugely profitable.

Every business in the world needs a website these days as well as email hosting, SSL and a host of other related services.  It will be to these people that you will be selling, or rather re-selling, web hosting. Your customers will be technically non-savvy businesses looking for reliable hosting at a reasonable cost.  This hosting will not be for high value web applications and services. Your target market will be small businesses - of which there are literally millions with hosting needs.

The beauty of a hosting business is that it’s recurring revenue.  People pay for it each and every month and they need it.  Without it they will be unable to run their business. Businesses move hosts as often as they move house.  Once the hosting has been setup then there is nothing to do - no work your side. The money will just keep coming in each month, again and again until either the customer moves to another host or the business dies.  It is one of the most exciting but slightly boring business models around. Boring is often hugely profitable.

This business directly copies a proven business model.  It will allow you to offer and automatically provision web hosting, email hosting and domain names at a price you choose.  You will be able to offer all kinds of hosting from Wordpress, VPS, dedicated server, email, domain and SSL. You will be able to sell worldwide and accept all currencies.

All you will need to do on a day-to-day basis is to offer support for these customers.  Billing and sales support can be done by you and all technical support can be outsourced easily either to the company you buy the hosting from or a team in Asia.  We will teach you how it all works and who to contact when there’s an issue.

You will be a reseller of hosting.  That means that you’ll be re-selling a hosting package offered by another company.  They will support the technical side of things and any related basic support. All you need to do is manage orders, communicate with people, take care of marketing and accounting.

  • Advertising
  • Customer emails and live chat
  • Order processing & fraud prevention
  • Outsourced technical support

After purchasing a business we will be in touch with the next steps as to how to proceed.

Typically we give you a list of tasks required in order to get the business ready to launch.  This may include simple steps for: Business Incorporation & Payment gateways.

Our experts will guide you at every step of the way.  It typically takes 4 weeks after purchase to launch a business.

Our Sell Back Guarantee is simple.  If you're not happy with your business after 12 months then we'll help you to sell it on to someone else using our website - for free. No catches.  No fees.  We'll keep trying to sell it for you until it's been sold.

The Sell Back Guarantee offers a safety net for everyone and a way to quickly and easily sell your business again.

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In addition to full and complete documentation for your business - we offer free support for all businesses we sell for a period of 12 months.  Our support team will be there ready to answer your questions about how to run your business in a successful way.

Our team of business experts specialize in helping people with:

  • Legal Business Setup/Incorporation
  • Growth Marketing
  • Website Management

After purchasing your business we'll be in touch on the next business day with instructions on what happens next as well as on how to contact support.


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